GP28W Indoor Gobo Projector
Ideal for projecting logo, text, signs and other images in companies, weddings, clubs, bars, canteens, hotels, showroom, events, etc.

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Integrated switchable Gobo Rotator
+ Full aluminum housing
+ 30,000 hours LED bulb life
+ Interchangeable projection lenses


Everybody loves creativity, But be afraid of complex process. Here is how it works. Its should be simple. Add how easy is to install your product

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GOBO Installation

Insert the gobo into the pattern holder, then insert the pattern holder into the gobo slot in the middle of the spotlight.

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Projector Installation

Easy intall the projector into the ceiling hole or fasten it to surface or structure with the adjustable folding bracket or hook.

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Yay! Done.

Easy adjustment of focus, speed and direction to change the projection as per your requirement. Remote swithch equiped.


More innovative, more attractive. Less work, less cost.

No Place Limits

Can be use in different areas and sufaces. Can be display a design on a wall, floor, ceiling, or any other large flat space in our venue even in fog.

Long Life

30,000 hours LED bulb life and low heat output conduce to the long working life of the projector.

Removable Design

Compact light weight design allow changing the projecting areas anytime anywhere, perfect for guide signs and warning signs.

Easy Operation

Easy adjustment of focus, speed and direction and quick gobo change as per your requirement. Remote swithch equiped.

Save your Bills

Minimum operating costs especially compared to big outdoor billboards or signboards.

Innovative Idea

Custom Gobo allow creating patterns, imagery and shapes to support the event theme, providing something visually different for the audience.

Integrated Switchable Gobo Rotaror

Easily turn on the switch button to have static projection changed into rotation status.

Gobo Material

Gobo in glass material. Accepts film material for short term projection applications.

Gobo Color

Takes glass Gobos in monochrome, 2 or 4 or up to full Colors.

LED Technology

30,000 hours LED bulb life - never exchange a bulb over the life of the projector.

Interchangeable Projection Lens

Make it easily adaptable to a wide range of applications. More lenses can be recommended if needed.

Full Aluminum Housing

Full aluminum housing in elegant design, black or silver color for your choices.


You are unique. You need to show it in a unique style. Choose from our collection of Gobo projectors.

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GP10W Indoor Gobo Projector

10W LED ceiling embedded logo projecting light & custom glass Gobo is perfet for signage and hotel room number projection.

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GP40W Indoor Gobo Projector

40W LED logo projecting light & custom glass Gobo is ideal for projecting company logo, trade name, signage, advertising, greeting and welcome, wedding monograms, warning, navigation and information signs, marking for warehouses and manufacturing.


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What are Gobo and Gobo Projector?

Gobo projector is a light projection system that project images indoor or outdoor, in black & white or color, static or in motion. This provides an advertising opportunity that effectively promotes your brand, product or service. Gobo is a piece of flat glass, which when placed in a lighting fixture projects the image that is on the Gobo.

How to choose my suitable gobo projector?

For each model, we have the best distance for your reference. You can choose the power according to your projecting distance and brightness of the environment. Then you can decide the features, such as static or rotating, indoor or outdoor, etc.

Can I custom my own design in full color and what 's the size?

Yes, please send us your artwork we will custom accordingly. Basically we can do any logo from monochrome to full color.The defult beam angle of the lens is 20°. In this case, the diameter of the projection is 0.35x of the projecting distance.